A Journey of 365 Days

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Chris over at Forgiven Wife invited me to share a little deeper regarding a comment in which I had spoken of a 365 Day Journey. Today’s post is that amplification. In her email she wrote something I want to share: The process of change can seem an insurmountable hurdle […]”

This is where I want to jump off from to start.

Indeed it was insurmountable. Although I knew what God had showed me to do, I had no idea how He was going to change me or what I was going to be like at the end of the journey; this was flying blind for sure. I only knew for sure where I was: It was time for something to change. Our marriage had been ravaged; beaten up and bleeding… dying; a barely recognizable corpse. A sorry sight for representation of Christ and His church. Anais Nin captured my day when she wrote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”


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My mouth, my marriage ~ Wed Nov 20/13

power of prayer

Father in heaven thank You for the gift of marriage.  I pray that my husband’s wisdom and strength will be increased, according to Your plans, through me for Your glory and his benefit.

Help me to build into our marriage and clearly see where the enemy is leading me to destroy the foundation of our family.  Let there be confidence in my husband that brings security so that he understands he can count on me to always defend his reputation and protect him from situations in which our enemy seeks to devour him.

Show me where I have worked against this security for our marriage in the past and begin reconstructing my discernment.  Thank You for lovingly sticking with me while I grow up in You and for making me stronger through the practical experience in my marriage.  Lord, thank You for the trust You’ve shown me by placing this son of Yours in my hands as my husband.  Show me the wisdom from Your Word so I can handle him wisely.


My mouth, my marriage ~ Wed Nov 6/13

power of prayer

~ 1 Cor 13 adapted for times of struggling in marriage ~

Lord, with Your love in me I will be able to endure anything.  Your love will demonstrate itself as patient and kind towards my husband.  Because of Your love Lord I will not be jealous or prideful.  I will not behave rudely or unmannerly with my thoughts, words or actions towards Your son when he fails, but be a support, I will act becomingly of You so You will be proud.

If I really have Your love in me God, I will not insist on my own rights or my own way, because Jesus showed us Your love is not self-seeking.  I refuse to be touchy, fretful or resentful in our marriage and will pay no attention to any wrong that I suffer.  I know that with You as my avenger I will be able to rejoice because truth will always prevail.

Thank You Jesus for proving how God’s love bears up under anything and everything that comes in marriage.  With the infusing strength and power of the Holy Spirit, I can believe the best in my husband.  I can endure without weakening because with Your love in me God, my hope is fadeless in all circumstances.  You LORD, will never fail.  AMEN


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My mouth, my marriage ~ Wed Oct 23/13

power of prayer


LORD, we expect Your power and providence in our marriages.  Increase our faith through trials so that we can witness, not only Your strong hand in each of our lives, but also the miracle of a healed marriage.

We can see how important unity is to You by Your expression of peace and goodwill in sending Your only Son.  Help us to do likewise and work towards unity through this same peace and goodwill.  Reveal to us when we’ve not demonstrated Your peace in our marriages and lead us in Your everlasting way.

Thank you for demonstrating what is right to do.  Help us in choosing to obey You especially when it’s impossible, so we will have clean consciences.  Let us not be affected by fretfulness and complaining but instead make our marriages strong from hope in You, our God of the impossible!  AMEN







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My mouth, my marriage ~ Thur Oct 10/13

power of prayer

Thank You Lord for the privilege of sharing my life as a wife.  It’s an awesome responsibility to be joined to another human being, thank you for trusting me with one of Your sons.

You have given me a powerful sphere of influence with my husband, help me to resist the temptation of stumbling with my mouth in negative comments to others about him that the devil can use to hurt him and others.  Instead I will choose to see the best in his heart and in trust come boldly to You like David did, so that You will call me a woman after Your own heart.  With You guarding my mouth there will be no polluting language or worthless talk that comes out of it, but only speech that gives light.

I cast onto You Lord any thoughts that will lead me to abuse my husband in speech, so You can train my thoughts and make my words a positive force in Your hands for our marriage.


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My mouth, my marriage ~ Thur Oct 3/13

power of prayer

Lord, we love Your Word and Your teachings, thank You that You don’t change.  You are the same today as You were when Jesus walked on earth.  It’s amazing how You patiently endure with Your choice of Your children as we learn enduring love from You.  For sure, there is none like You.

Thank You Lord for showing us that You really do never leave us, in the good times, and especially the bad times in marriage.  We know that we have nothing to fear in any present or future events.  With faith in You we can hold fast and trust You to accomplish Your plans.

It is only because of You God that we can go through the worst and our marriages still stand, it is You that gets the honour.  We can see truth because of Your Spirit and Your Word, keep teaching us and never stop.  We know that there will be more difficult times ahead but if we look for You, You’ll be right there in the middle of the storm holding us up! AMEN







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My mouth, my marriage ~ Wed Sep 25/13


Thank You LORD for not ending my marriage when I kept asking You all those times in past, I didn’t know how selfish I was.  I’m so thankful You knew what I needed, better than I did, I was asking for a scorpion and didn’t know it.  Lord open wider the eyes and hearts of my sisters that are refusing to give up on their brothers, thank You for them!  Continue to infuse Your power and strength into them.

Lord, was it hard for You to watch me squirm and writhe to try and escape Your binding of this promise that I made.  I am sorry please forgive me for  trying to escape instead of trusting You.  Thank You for loving me enough to stick with me so that I could really see what would happen to me if I have up.  And for showing me this amazing diligence, that developed my faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, love for my brother, which in turn developed real love:  Your love.

What a blessing You’ve given!  You endure with us so that we can endure with each other.  What a great system God.  Thank You for holding me to it so that I can walk in Your peace and experience Your joy and the blessing of becoming more than a conqueror for Your Kingdom.  AMEN






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