Forgive and Forget

Recently I was challenged on my idea of forgiving and forgetting. Many people believe that it is impossible to forget an offence, even though you forgive someone, but I believe we are called to not only forgive, but to forget. There is scientific evidence that says forgetting is possible. Although referring to science seems to go against… More Forgive and Forget

Moisture or drought?

image credit   Moist or dry? Moisture is like love: it gives life.  Love frees and encourages others to develop.  Does my husband’s soul feel watered when he’s around me?  After he’s been with me, does he feel strengthened to grow and safe to develop?  Does God’s love flow freely through me doing the work… More Moisture or drought?

Stay and dance

Photo Credit But if you do marry, you do not sin [in doing so], and if a virgin marries, she does not sin [in doing so].  Yet those who marry will have physical and earthly troubles, and I would like to spare you that. -1 Cor 7:28 …Yet those who marry will have physical and… More Stay and dance

Into the deep

Remember swimming as a kid?  You stretched out your leg to touch bottom … and it wasn’t there!  Maybe your eyes got wide with fear and you felt that instant panic start to whirl in your gut!  It was terrifying, if only for a brief moment, until you regained your footing. He said, Come! So Peter… More Into the deep

Enough to spare

  “ …[and] that you do so even more and more abundantly …” – Paul Paul uses that phrase twice in this part of 1 Thess 4.  Once in the first verse:  more and more, and then again in verse ten:  more and more.  In both cases he’s referring to abundant love.  I’m guessing it’s… More Enough to spare