Teamwork or Toxicwork

Marriage can be a good litmus test to find out if there’s a disconnect in our theology.  When our claim to God is all about the grace we’ve received from Jesus the Saviour, to the exclusion of the grace we give to one another through Christ the Lord, we’ll be unbalanced.

Biting and devouring in conflict, disagreements and disharmony, separation from each other and failure to give grace to our brothers in Christ: these are evidences of an unbalanced Christianity.  When my focus is only on what I’ve received from God instead of how I can live for Him, there’s a disconnect between how I talk and how I walk.

Children first crawl so they can walk and they first babble so they can talk.  We first receive grace so that we can mature and give it away in obedience.  The longer we live in the “Saviour” mentality – tightfistedly hanging onto grace – the more selfish we are … the more unbalanced we’ll seem, like a 18 year old that acts like a 12 year old.

When my faith has embraced Jesus Christ as both my Saviour and the LORD of my life, inevitably it will transpire into my marriage.






  1. This is a hard truth. But, it is truth indeed. Maturity means we work very hard to not have knee jerk reactions and offer forgiveness. That is living out the character of Christ. These paragraphs are powerful. Thanks, Robyn.

    1. Your welcome Bonny. Honestly, I still have those ‘jerky’ reactions. The difference is that my knee doesn’t lift quite so high anymore and I don’t sit in it pouting, nearly as long. Accepting that Christ is the Lord of both of us and not just “Robyn’s” Saviour … really changed things for me/us.

    1. Happy New Year to you Elspeth! I did say posting was going to resume in Jan 2019, but I don’t think I’m quite ready yet. I started to write a devotional in 2017, and it’s 2/3 complete; I believe finishing that is my priority for 2019. (did i tell you about it?) I’m writing it as I experience each day – kind of like doing it in real time. Plus, there’s no devotional like it out there for me to extrapolate from … so that means, I’m mostly working on putting my insecurities to bed so that I can continue to work on it and climbing on top of the fear of releasing something, weirdly different 😉

      I have thought about you OFTEN!

      Having to travel between 2 different residences (2 weeks in one and 2 weeks in another) has me at a disadvantage, so I’m not able to get to all the emails I want to. I’m thinking about one of the books you are reading, The Feminine Mystique … I’m not sure if you’ve finished it or not. I’ve read it, sort of. Mostly through the critiquing lense of other authors; and honestly, found even those few bits hard to digest w/o gagging me – so more power to you if you could read the whole thing! I find it somewhat infuriatingly embarrassing when I’m faced with the views of feminism … just cannot believe I used to accept all of it. I am curious though, about what you have to say about it; would you mind sending me the thread to the post so I can read through your thoughts at my own pace? Thanks!

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