My mouth … my marriage ~ July 24, 2013


Thank you Lord that before we were born You knew all about our lives!  Both the highs and the lows.

Shape us into Your design and bring our thoughts inline with Yours.  Thank You for not removing any of the past mountains in front of our marriage when I complained about them; but instead, You gave us the strength to scale them.  You know what each of us can handle and if You bring it to us, You will bring us through it!  Thank you for sending Jesus to cover our sins and Jesus thank you for Your obedience to Your Father.  We will follow Your example and cover the multitude of sins with love.

Create in us clean hearts.  Heal and grow what is wounded and weak.  Help us to resist the temptations in the world that try and lead us to the left or the right of Your path.  Those temptation that want us to trust in ourselves instead of You.

Above all Lord, bless my husband at his job and let him enjoy the fruit of his labours.  Open doors for him that no man can close so that he will be exulted by You.  Continue to fill him with Your Spirit to be light where You want.  AMEN




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