In our busy world that so often calls us to be self-focused on what we are getting from others, take some time to focus on giving back.  Encouragement through the Season of Giving amounts to nothing in the end if its life is non-existent throughout the rest of the year.  Here are some proactive DOs that will convey love to your man.



TOUCH:  Make skin to skin contact frequently, not just with sex.   Psychology Today  states that touch is, “[…] the secret weapon in many a successful relationship.”  Touch lingeringly and often.  When you talk and when you walk.  Touch demonstrates your genuine interest in the well-being of another.

SMILE:  Truvy from Steel Magnolias says, “Smile, it increases your face value.”  When he looks at you, stare back and smile, show you are happy with him and that he has your full attention.  A deliberate look paired with a kittenish grin says more than I love you, it says, I liiiike YOU.  Besides, smiles are free to give, so give them often.

TIME:  Time stops for no one?  Well, no it actually doesn’t but sharing your time especially when it is … untimely is a great way to increase the value of time for someone else.  Being present with your time is a remarkable gesture because you cannot replace it once it has been lived.  Giving time generously takes the intangible and makes it tangible.

PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP:  There’s a reason we don’t uplift ourselves, it’s not humble.  But when it comes to others we can spill it.  So, uplift everything he does and if he’s within earshot of your conversation, all the better.  Brag about how great he is!  Brag about how much of a man he is.  Brag about how well he takes care of you.  Look for his successes, be proud and say it!

Don’t let Christmas be only a season of giving.  Instead, let this Christmas be the start of a giving life.


christmas a




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