TGIF – Fri May 2



Lifting up others and their endeavours is very important. In his letter the Philippian church, Paul tells us to not only be on the look-out for our own interests but also the interests of others. I think this verse can have multiple applications but for the purposes of my Friday Favourites I’m taking it to mean find interest in the interests of others. There is the benefit of encouragement to others as well as shared information within your community.

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WisdomForLife: Dancing lightly on the surface of the earth“For the Christian, this present existence is provisional. He is aware that every activity he undertakes is schooling for something else—that it is all directed toward a higher end.”

Intentional Today: 5 Ways You Can Build Your Marriage Today“1) Pray   2) Commit to personal change   3) Give extravagantly   4) Create a light fun atmosphere in your home   5) Don’t blow up every challenge”

Leadership Freak: HOW TO CONNECT FORGIVENESS AND ACCOUNTABILITYDon’t lower expectations. Elevate forgiveness.” ~ 1) Forgiveness rises above fairness.   2) Forgiveness is freedom, mostly for you.   3) Forgiveness is a line in the sand that says, “Let’s start over.”   4) Forgiveness is a process not an event.   5) Forgiveness and learning from mistakes go hand in hand.”

Encourage Your Spouse: Saying “I Love You” – What does your spouse need to do?“Most of us believe we show our spouse unconditional love. But consider – There are no prerequisites … for an unconditional love.”


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