TGIF – Fri Mar 21


I know, it’s been a couple of weeks – oops, sorry for that.  Sometimes when we start new things we stumble along for a bit … this was one of those times.

Here’s hoping you are just as encouraged as I was by these articles and that you and yours have a great stupendous weekend!

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Warrior WivesON GIVING MARRIAGE ADVICE TO OTHERS — “We are smothering each other with well-intended input when we often need to just listen and pray…the truly wise don’t constantly trot out tips on how to better manage the chaos.” (Kimm Crandall)

Leadership FreakHOW TO LEAD LIKE BILLY GRAHAM“… In 20 minutes, he had an impact on me that would forever change the way I think about leadership.” (Michael Hyatt)

Return of QueensHow to Give to Your Man “It’s time to stop focusing so much on what we want from men; they’ve heard it all and their eyes start glazing over before we even begin with the first demand on our endless lists. The men of the West are walking away from the pattern of monogamy, marriage and family.”

Frankly Speaking:  “Look Away!  I’m Hideous” Part 3 “I’m not here to talk about nutrition and diet. I’m not here to beat the drum that a certain amount of excess fat can be healthy and they should leave us fatties alone either. I’m here to encourage a dialog about why we eat too much; too much of everything, too much of some things or too much of one thing.”

The Forgiven WifeWhat Will the Kids Think?“He told me that the topic of parents having sex had come up in conversations with his friends. Several of his friends have parents who have sex only once a month or so. (They apparently know this because of overhearing once-a-month sex, or, more often, overhearing their parents argue about it.) He told his buddies how lucky they were that they only had to hear it once a month. All of his friends turned to him and said how they would much rather have his problem of having to hear it more frequently. His friends said things that actually made him thankful for his parents’ sex life:  “It’s always tense around my house.”  ~  “My parents barely look at each other.”  ~  “I haven’t seen my parents kiss in years.”  ~  “My dad tried to pat my mom’s butt and she glared at him. In the morning I found him asleep on the couch.”  ~  “I hate the tension at dinner.”

Blessings on your marriage!

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  1. Thanks for thinking of me. I am having a difficult time with Part 5. I feel I am not being empathetic and am beginning to sound like I am laying all of this at the doorstep of women. I am beginning to see the advantage of writing the series first, and revising subsequent posts as you get feed back from previous ones. I feel I am having a hard time with staying balanced or at the least being perceived as trying to write a balanced piece. I want to be very straight with women, but I don’t want to sound like I am not trying to understand their pain and frustration. I make no apologies for thinking like a man, but it pains me to appear inconsiderate of the hearts of women. That desire for understanding between men and women is at the heart of my blog. Woe is me. 🙂

  2. Hey BD: I don’t sense that at all from this series. Don’t be so hard on yourself and trust God to work you through it – and He will work through you for it!

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