A Worthy Purpose


“True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” –Helen Keller

Have you defined your worthy purpose?

For me, being a wife is the most important role I fill while here on earth.  Submission to Darrell’s authority won’t be a dynamic in our relationship when we’re in heaven; but learning the humility to submit while on earth renews my mind and strengthens my faith.  This humility goes a long way towards shaping my inner person to be fit for eternity. (1 Cor 6:2-3)

God moves through my marriage in His limitless love and power to shape me into the unselfish daughter that He created me to be.  Being a part of marriage allows me to work towards something bigger than me.  Striving to make a positive difference in those closest to me diminishes my human selfishness by shrinking the desires of my flesh and moving me closer to the likeness of Christ.

Limitless love

There is no one else other than a husband who qualifies to fit in every category of relationship:

  • …have unfailing love for one another1 Peter 4:8
  • … shall love his brother also  – 1 John 4:20
  • …love your neighbour as yourself  – Mark 12:31
  • …no one has greater love […] than to give up his own life for his friends  – John 15:13

Pulling strings or manipulating to gain the advantage in our marriage (more commonly known as getting your own way) will only bring temporary satisfaction; not true happiness.  And does nothing to teach the kind of love that Jesus demonstrated for me to learn.

Marriage isn’t supposed to teach me how to have my own way – do my own thing, or impose my own rights.  But to daily learn how to lay those things down for a better and permanent way.

  • Marriage is God’s plan to grow me.
  • Marriage belongs to God; it’s His way and in His control.
  • Marriage is the best opportunity I have to grow up.  It gives me real life practice of disciplines that will renew my mind to think like Jesus.

worthy purpose



  1. My wife and I were talking today after church how we had lost a two church members because the husband and wife were not being biblical. He wouldn’t wear the pants and she desired to and willingly did so. When an issue came up about the Pastor’s wife and a Facebook posting, he didn’t tell her to keep her nose out of it and she told all concerned, including her husband, they were leaving the church over it. We may be better off without them of course, but it was sad to be an otherwise nice, hardworking guy be pushed around by his wife who had no desire to submit and live out her role as a biblical wife and Christian.

      1. I’m not sure BD, but she did have on the ugliest pair of fuzzy dangling earrings I’ve ever seen. They would have been uglier but the dangles were on the small side.

        Glad to finally meet ya BD 1. Your wife is a very special person, but then you know that. She tries to keep me honest. She was one of three other bloggers that kept pushing me to do my own blog. They just got tired of me leaving mini-posts on their site comments I think. Drop a line sometime if you feel inclined. I don’t hear from too many guys.

        BD 2

        1. SR here 😉 I think what Darrell meant was that he allowed her to walk out of the church with his gnads in her purse. He’s responsible for giving them to her in the first place, so it’s his responsibility to take them back.

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