I’m betting you’ve got lots of blogs you like to read and there’s never enough time in the day to get to all of them, me too! And often as I’m reading posts I hear myself saying (out loud) “This is really good.”  People are talented and I love that so many are willing to put themselves out there in open honesty to share what they’ve learned in this life.

In an effort to share some of the great articles that I’ve come across, please enjoy the first installment of “My Friday Favourites.”

AAA new thought 8

WisdomForLifeAre you a social cannibal? —“We must be humble enough to admit that this kind of response reveals, “human antagonism in one of its basest and most unheroic forms” (Cornelius Plantinga Jr.).”

Rock His World: More Help Keeping Him on the Right Track  — “Most good husbands really would rather not stare; they know it is not good for them or for their marriage to stare. […]  Here Are Some Places Your Husband Needs Your Help.”

Goins, WriterThe Very Best Way to Get Rejected Every Time — “In facing all kinds of failure, I’ve learned an important lesson, one that’s made me grateful for the rejection I still experience every day:  If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not in the game.  If you aren’t failing, you’re not trying. If aren’t getting turned down, you’re not asking. And if you aren’t risking, you’re not living.”

Journey to SurrenderA Little Romance – His Way “Regardless of whether the holiday left you feeling delighted or disappointed, spoiled or spurned, I want to encourage you not to put too much emphasis on a single day. It’s just a day, after all.  There is no reason to put all your romantic eggs into one basket!”

Have a super weekend!!



  1. So how does your giving me three more to read (already reading RHW) solve that problem, other than I don’t have to search them out? Are you also the type who takes snacks to a dieting friend when you vist? 🙂

    1. Whatever gave you the impression that I was trying to solve a problem for you? I’m not. I’m saying, everyone is busy, we all know that, but I’m glad that I made the time to read these ones because they were really good.

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