Martin Luther King, Jr.


Confession:  In my blogging sometimes I’m more concerned about the messenger (me) than the message (God) … yuk, I know.  Yesterday I had prepared a short post in honour of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.  I chickened out.  I was worried that people would think I was trying to capitalize on the assassination of a great man, instead of the fact that his teachings can have a profound effect on your life, and moreover in your marriage, if you’ll take to heart what he says.

Foolish, I know.  First, not trusting God – big NoNo there.  But also you readers – I didn’t assume the best in your hearts and for that I’m sorry.

Jan 20/14 score:

Satan ONE / Robyn ZERO

God, “Got my number.”  You know when you are reading your Bible and you can feel that conviction, deep down inside of you?  Well today, I knew.  I knew that God knew – and He knew that I knew, He knew.

Now am I trying to win the favour of men, or of God?  Do I seek to please men?  If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ (the Messiah). -Gal 1:10

SO for today, Jan 21/14, “Thank You Lord for Your mercy being new EVERY day and the opportunities to come back around and do it right!”  This is the post I prepared yesterday, may it bless your life and marriage!


January 20th marks the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I know his main message is that of a civil rights activist but for me, his words became very personal in my marriage.

He talked his message.  He walked his message.  He died for his message.  This is what Christ did.

… and it’s what you and I are called to do.  When we look beyond ourselves and the wants and needs of our flesh, that love and forgiveness that Martin Luther King, Jr. lived , taught and died for will start to trickle into our marriages.  The more we focus on Christ’s life and actions the more we’ll be able to really grasp what it means to die for a cause greater than yourself, just like Martin Luther King, Jr. did.  Before long God will turn that trickle of love into a tidal wave.




  1. Dear Robyn
    Thanks for this song. I just love U2. Bono is still so young on this video. Yes, Martin Luther King was a role model for our late President Nelson Mandela here in South Africa and also a blessing to everyone who had the privilege to know of him.
    Blessings XX

    1. I know, right! I hear this song all the time on the radio but haven’t watched the video in years. I thought the same thing, “Wow he’s so young there.”

      Did you know that he was first named ‘Michael King’? His father changed his name in honour of Martin Luther. (Wikipedia)

  2. SR,

    “The more we focus on Christ’s life and actions the more we’ll be able to really grasp what it means to die for a cause greater than yourself…”

    I can’t come up with any way of not having the first part of my comment sound callous, but I hope the second half of the comment redeems the first by illustrating the true nature of obedient sacrifice.

    Dying for a cause greater than oneself, while tragic, is not what is most difficult.

    It is in the consistent daily living for that greater cause that we endure the greatest tests and give God the greatest glory.

    I too have resisted when I should have obeyed. Typing the first part of this comment was one of those time. Will I be misjudged by those read it? What if Christ had balked and concerned himself with the opinions of man? Where would we all be today: Condemned to eternal death, the grave and Hell, which is what we deserve, but not what we are irrevocably destined to because of God’s grace through the obedient sacrifice of Christ.


    1. Yes that’s exactly what I was after. If we continue to look at the faith of those who have gone before us, namely Christ, this propels us on in our daily struggles.

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