In a recent post I said, “At this stage, for us, we are entering a different season – although we call them adventures at our house – more on that in another post.”

So, here’s that post about our latest adventure.

My husband is a man of high ideals, he has a heck of a lot of confidence in his abilities, and he loves people.  However, the latter wasn’t always the case.  When he became a believer in Christ, God changed this part of his heart in particular.

This is where the high ideals and the loving people intersect:  He won’t stay at a company that doesn’t value people’s individual skills and talents.  Companies that expect him to diminish employees through micro management, instead of encouragement and team building.  He knows that at the end of the day, the numbers are important; he just happens to believe that there is a way to achieve them that has a benefit of longevity and less burn-out for managers.

As I revealed in another post, Darrell’s skill set is sought after — finding a company is not the issue.  Finding a company that is honest about their management practices is the difficult part.

So, for the last couple of years since migrating west, we’ve been bouncing around a lot.  But finally, UREKA, we’ve found the groove for all of us.

The only problem is that the groove for my husband is a job near Edmonton, Alberta – a great position with a company that’s in the midst of major change, growth and implementation of new systems.  It’s the job he’s been seeking since we left Ontario almost 4 years ago.  The groove for me and our girls is our house in lovely rural Saskatchewan.

We decided that we’re going to give it a go for a year and see how we all feel at the end of it.  I do the mom thing with the kids and dogs for 3 weeks in Saskatchewan.  Then Darrell comes home for a visit and when he goes back to Alberta, I exchange my mom hat for a wife’s camisole and go back with him for a two week stay.

We’ve been cycling through for about 4 months now and it seems to be working well.  It’s actually working fantastic!  Those of you who homeschool know it can be difficult to hand over the reins of responsibility for adulthood to your kids.  Well, this is true for all parents, I think.  But after having them at home so much, I find it difficult to drop the ing of mothering — let go and just be a mom.  Our current living arrangement forces me to do this.

We’ve been very blessed with the maturity level of both our girls.  They are both terrific!  It’s also given them each an opportunity to grow in themselves as well as with each other.  Great neighbours, phones, and mobiles add to the mix.  OK, I’ll be honest – the first few times, I was a little wracked with worry — way too many texts and phone calls.  But over time, I’m pleased to say that I’m totally at ease now.  This isn’t a testament to my super spiritual growth, but rather to just seeing my daughters for who they really are and allowing them to be themselves.

Also, if you’ve read my timeline and you do the math (we’ve been married 26 years and our oldest is … 26) you can see that we didn’t have much of a courting period, or a honeymoon season.

In His usual style, God comes through with flying colours!  I’m learning to let go and enjoy semi-retirement and be happy in the freedom for my kids.  Plus, we are getting a 2 week honeymoon every 3 weeks, and let me tell you, it rocks!

We would never have planned this for our family, but now we can see that it was sort of a divine accident!





  1. I can see both the challenges and the benefits. I am happy you guys get the honeymoon so often. I am even more glad to hear that it Rocks for you guys! (How many hours apart are you? I am afraid I don’t know my Canadian geography very well.)

    1. That’s an interesting question. 6 hours without me in the car – 7-8 hours with 🙂 Us girls need to stop more frequently LOL. Plus I’ve got to stop whenever we hit an area that has a Starbucks.

  2. That change just about double the distance from his previous job. Glad to hear it will allow for some “camisole” time in your life. Maximize this opportunity. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am not aging like a Stradivarius, more like a Studebaker. I need more frequent maintenance, and repairs are more tentative with parts becoming harder to find. Something different is always breaking down and fewer people know how to fix things, if fixable at all.

      1. I have to admit I got out of the habit when I went to visit my mother for a week at her forced labor camp and fulfill her honey-do list. It’s part of the visit I had found a Snapfitness a bit of a distance away and could never get there. I will be getting back at it this week, especially with work slowing down. Loading in, setting up, tearing out and loading out concerts is a lot of exercise on it’s own. especially if the venue loads with ramps at the truck. You haven’t lived until you have pushed 500-800lbs of subs and bumper up a ramp into the back of a semi. Cirque du Soleil has some truss and winch systems that are so heavy that you don’t dare stop halfway up the ramp once you start. You won’t get them restarted and you sure can’t stop them if they begin to roll backwards. Just stay out of their way and don’t get hurt. It is not the same as an exercise program though. I’ll ask more about the “ticket” at another time and place if you don’t mind. Thanks for asking. I suspect you knew the answer.

        1. Yes, doing physical labour is quite a workout in itself and it sounds like your senses are kept pretty sharp too. The “ticket” is the cardio part for endurance (obviously) but also for overall happiness, endorphins make you happy!

        1. yep, I like my coffee to bite back 😉 Coming into the Christmas season though, I will try the season drinks.

          Interesting, I wouldn’t have thought of you as a no foam girl, but the peppermint lattes ARE yummy too!

  3. Robyn,
    So glad you picked Darrell to spend extended time with. Your daughters will be flying soon and you two will be “alone” in that empty nest. By the way, empty is great when you have a focus on one another!
    Sometimes God brings issues to us that we do not understand at the moment. Cherish the days in either house.

    Jerry @

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