Accept him as he is




When I hope for my husband to love me according to my expectations, I’ll be lead to focus on what I’m getting instead of what I’m giving.

Misplaced expectations sets us on a cycle of trying to take from one another and traps us in bondage.  Jesus demonstrated love so we would give love to one another.

I give you a new commandment:  that you should love one another.  Just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another.-John 13:34

a upwithmarriage





  1. This is so important Robin! I’m in the middle of a short series on how the human heart longs to be confident in love, especially the love of our spouse. Accepting each other for who we are is step one in building that confidence.

  2. Most of us are a work in progress, I am so grateful for forgiveness & acceptance. Sometimes we do get those expectations that just unrealistic. It would be great if we could learn to not have those unrealistic expectations.

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