My mouth, my marriage ~ Thur Oct 10/13

power of prayer

Thank You Lord for the privilege of sharing my life as a wife.  It’s an awesome responsibility to be joined to another human being, thank you for trusting me with one of Your sons.

You have given me a powerful sphere of influence with my husband, help me to resist the temptation of stumbling with my mouth in negative comments to others about him that the devil can use to hurt him and others.  Instead I will choose to see the best in his heart and in trust come boldly to You like David did, so that You will call me a woman after Your own heart.  With You guarding my mouth there will be no polluting language or worthless talk that comes out of it, but only speech that gives light.

I cast onto You Lord any thoughts that will lead me to abuse my husband in speech, so You can train my thoughts and make my words a positive force in Your hands for our marriage.


A - dying to self



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