My mouth, my marriage ~ Thur Oct 3/13

power of prayer

Lord, we love Your Word and Your teachings, thank You that You don’t change.  You are the same today as You were when Jesus walked on earth.  It’s amazing how You patiently endure with Your choice of Your children as we learn enduring love from You.  For sure, there is none like You.

Thank You Lord for showing us that You really do never leave us, in the good times, and especially the bad times in marriage.  We know that we have nothing to fear in any present or future events.  With faith in You we can hold fast and trust You to accomplish Your plans.

It is only because of You God that we can go through the worst and our marriages still stand, it is You that gets the honour.  We can see truth because of Your Spirit and Your Word, keep teaching us and never stop.  We know that there will be more difficult times ahead but if we look for You, You’ll be right there in the middle of the storm holding us up! AMEN







A - dying to self


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