My mouth, my marriage ~ Wed Sep 25/13


Thank You LORD for not ending my marriage when I kept asking You all those times in past, I didn’t know how selfish I was.  I’m so thankful You knew what I needed, better than I did, I was asking for a scorpion and didn’t know it.  Lord open wider the eyes and hearts of my sisters that are refusing to give up on their brothers, thank You for them!  Continue to infuse Your power and strength into them.

Lord, was it hard for You to watch me squirm and writhe to try and escape Your binding of this promise that I made.  I am sorry please forgive me for  trying to escape instead of trusting You.  Thank You for loving me enough to stick with me so that I could really see what would happen to me if I have up.  And for showing me this amazing diligence, that developed my faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, love for my brother, which in turn developed real love:  Your love.

What a blessing You’ve given!  You endure with us so that we can endure with each other.  What a great system God.  Thank You for holding me to it so that I can walk in Your peace and experience Your joy and the blessing of becoming more than a conqueror for Your Kingdom.  AMEN






AAA dying to self



  1. Thank You for loving me enough to stick with me so that I could really see what would happen to me if I have up.

    This is so touching I am betting you will want to go back in and edit the have to gave. How do we read, reread and still miss things and spell and grammar check are no help when it is “correct”.

    1. Hey there good morning!! Yes normally I do have my work checked and rechecked, as you know 🙂 … and I would go back in and edit it.

      But when I’m praying My mouth, my marriage, it’s kind of a ‘one off’ deal. Besides, my editor is still in bed when I pray and I want to get it out there for anyone who’s wanting to join in.

      But do keep a watchful eye I welcome the extra editing!!

      blessings and have a terrifical day!!

      1. Didn’t realize that was a “real time” post. Terrifical. Love it. But don’t you mean terrificus? HA Enjoy the rest of the day.

        1. Ramona Q.? Well, I had to Google that one. As an avid reader as a child, I can’t believe that I never read any of that series as a kid or saw the film. You’re one up on me. young lady. Not that it bothers me or anything. I mean this feeling inadequate and all. Over something as silly as this. After all, why should it bother me. You’re just a dumb old girl.

          *shoves hands deep into pockets, hangs head, sniffs and shuffles silently away*

        2. ahhh Ramona Q. such a delightful girl!! love her to bits! All my kids have read all of Beverly Cleary’s books – she’s a great author! Perhaps you’d prefer The Mouse and the Motorcycle 😉

  2. FYI. Love the photo that went with the post. I remember seeing it on your Facebook. Are you a closet romantic, by chance? Or maybe not so closeted?

  3. I noticed a subtle use of wording there. I am thinking you do not see them as synonymous, but different sides of the same coin and would be interested in hearing how you feel surrender is complementary to submission. Is there a possible post topic as to the choice of surrendered over submissive? Take your time.

    1. You seem to be pretty precise about your language as I try to be, so I noticed it right off. You use submission and versions thereof frequently but surrender not so much, so it pricked my ears. Funny how we seldom us words that allude to writing and visual communication when we blog but ones more about oral communication. It seems we consider this a natural variant of the telephone, though I seldom chat or skype, then usually with our daughter who is too distant for our liking. Looking forward to the post.

  4. I have often thanked the Lord for unanswered prayers. I have sometimes prayed for things that I thought were right at the time, but I have later learned that I was wrong to want – sometimes it was selfish, sometimes wrong timing, sometimes, just not good for me. I don’t even who the first girl was that I prayed to be married to her, but I am pretty sure that she would not have been good for me. God does know what he is doing! We should never doubt that!

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