Guys and Dolls


Good morning readers of Up with marriage!  Often times Darrell is behind the scenes of this blog, however, today I’m pleased and proud to have him share his own words!

Guys and Dolls. It’s an older term, but men are men and women are women, no matter what era you are in.  Modern culture would like to group us all together as “people.” How unfair! Male and Female are distinct and unique – as we were created. It took me many years of marriage and not a just a little bit of growing up to realize just how different women and men are.

I read somewhere long ago that wherever you are in your life, you think the majority of other people are in the same place.  If you own a car, you don’t give much thought to those using public transit.  Renting an apartment, not much thought to those who own homes.  Everyone seems to be walking in the shoes we are wearing; funny, the human condition.

  • On Gifts.  Guys, don’t buy her kitchen tools – even if she says yes to this.  Get her girly things, watch what she looks at and what she touches – read her magazines. Dolls, you can buy him tools (keep the receipt), don’t be offended if he trades it in on a different one.
  • On Clothing.  Guys, if you’re brave enough to buy her something, check the sizes in her favorite outfit(s) that she often wears. And for you, she has better taste in clothes… her with this (I don’t mean let her pick your outfits daily, but she will recognize bad choices better). Plus, this is part of her feminine side:  it’s nurturing and she wants to help you.
  • On Personal Care.  I knew a guy that had a female dog, whenever he took her to get groomed they would put a nice bow on her. He would tear it off, unfortunate really – it suited her!  Women love to be pampered, they only really enjoy the hair on their head (which costs more than $10 per cut).  Waxing away all the rest costs more still; but it feels better for both of you. Men hate shaving – period.  Do it for her, not just for work or special occasions.
  • On Food.  She will have a better grasp of proper healthy food choices. You like Bacon and Beef (major negotiations required in the food arena).

A story is told of the sun and the wind competing to get a man to remove his coat.  The wind blew hard and the man held that coat tighter around himself.  When the sun’s turn came, it shone brightly and the man dropped his coat.
Guys……Women are like the sun when they are allowed to be as they were created:  powerful, respectful, nurturing, caring, loving…….you get the picture. Why would you want to destroy this flower, by expecting her to lead the family?  There is already enough responsibility on her petals.  If you add more, she’ll wilt instead of shine.
Dolls……Men are like the wind, strong, forceful and aggressive – why would you want to provoke this force? It would be much better to calm that gale into a warm breeze. A true leader is calm, wise, loving……with the ability to rise up in strength to defend or rescue.
Just some thoughts from a guy, trying to navigate the relational freeway of the day. I do know that I love to provide for and keep them safe. A good leader is my aim, and in trying to battle a harsh world, a hug from my girl regenerates me more than a girl that can eat more wings then me.

In conclusion…….open the car door for Her, she’s worth it!





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