My mouth … my marriage ~ August 28, 2013

power of prayer

Lord thank You for choosing me and giving me Your authority to have influence in the territory of my marriage.  Increase our understanding of You through binding us in unity so that, as one, we will stomp out anything that seeks to divide us.  Sometimes it seems that this responsibility is too much weight and I start to believe that I can’t do it, but with You Lord, it is a guaranteed success, help me to remember!

Thank You for the freedom to direct my attitudes from my own thoughts and words.  God, help me to remember that the freedom You give to me is also the same freedom You offer my husband.  Show me when I use this freedom to feed my flesh and not my spirit.  I will seek Your way and not my own.

Make my thoughts like Yours Lord.  When I’m tempted with slanderous words that tear down and diminish, O God, lead me in Your way, Your strength and power, so that I will speak words that edify and uplift.   AMEN



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