My mouth … my marriage ~ August 22, 2013

power of prayer

Lord of heaven and earth, thank You that I can come to You with anything and everything and be assured that I can give You all of my worries and concerns.  Teach me to listen for Your voice and focus on Your wisdom.  Direct my heart and mind clearly so that worldly wisdom will not crowd my thoughts.  Build in me the want to so that I will choose Your ways. 

Thank You for renewing my mind through experience so that I can learn to discern the opposition of the world’s ways.  Keep building me and my husband in an ever deepening understanding of each other so that our marriage will stay united and not be divided as the world seeks to do.

Show me where selfishness has led my mind and heart to choose myself over my husband and lead me in Your everlasting way.  Guide me back to the way of Christ so that I will emulate His actions of putting others ahead of myself and in doing so, I will know His love more deeply.  AMEN




  1. Please pray for me. I leave the warm soft comfort of your side to provide for us and the world lashes out at me. Sin and temptation parade before my eyes and ears in measured torment. Satan lures me with constant promises that appear to fulfill my wants and needs but only destroy the blessings God has bestowed upon me. Satan crushes my spirit with exacting and abundant disappointments when I am most vulnerable. He never stops probing with his misericorde, looking for gaps in my armor to pierce my heart and fatally wound me; wound us.

    God is my refuge;, Christ my Lord and savior; but I need you to fight with me too. I need to know you are armored with the sword, shield and helmet and are by my side and at my back so the enemy cannot come between us. When we are distant emotionally, I need you to fight for me then more than ever, Satan will try to fill that space with lies, deceit and temptations aimed at both of us. Please don’t leave me to do battle alone. Together, through purpose, we are an invincible army of two plus three. Pray for a hedge of protection around our marriage and family. Pray for our love to grow and mature. Please pray for me. I am your husband and need your faithful help.

    1. Thank you for this direction and openness!

      I wish more wives would understand the sheer power within themselves to completely crush the enemy before their marriages.

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