My mouth … my marriage ~ August 13, 2013

power of prayer

What a privilege it is to be able to turn to your Lord.  Thank you for working in our lives and in our marriage.  Forgive me when I doubt You because I don’t understand what You are doing, as my vision is short sighted and unclear.  I’m choosing to believe Your Word and the power of it for all things that are a part of Your plan for us.

Although neither of us have seen You God, Your Word says that if we love one another, Your love is present and running its course in us.  Yes Lord, teach us to love with Your love and not in our human efforts.

I pray Lord that both of us will love deeper, bringing us knowledge and understanding of what is of real value to You.  I pray that we will be filled with keen insight to see the good and we’ll have the strength to choose it. AMEN






sword of the Lord



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