My mouth … my marriage ~ July 10, 2013


Thank you God for loving my husband and choosing him to be healed and holy and for adopting us to Yourself, what an amazing gift!  Also, for Your patience in reminding us of how happy it made You to choose us and plan this – some days I still can’t believe You did this!

In the midst of one day stretching into the next, it can be easy to forget the higher purpose for us – for our marriages, that it‘s not about us; but You.  With the love that You gave to us Lord, help us to reciprocate through our spouse.  Remind us of Your generous risk in choosing to love us regardless of our actions and teach us that we will have to risk as well if we are going to trust You to love each other the way that You love us.

Lord, You know, there are plenty of times in marriage when Your love is easily extended to each other.  And then there are times when it’s just too hard.  Thank You that we can be honest with You in how we feel and for making it possible to extend Your strong love through us.  Humble me Lord by reminding me that sometimes I’m the one that is hard to love and that my husband must turn to You – just like I do.  Amen



sword July 10




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