My mouth … my marriage ~ June 19, 2013


I pray for growth in humility and ask that You teach me by putting my husbands wounds ahead of my own.  You know it all God, everyone one of us has baggage from the assaults of Satan, but You Lord, know exactly what they are and where they came from.  Help us to be strong where the enemy has thwarted our husbands.  I know Satan wants to make fodder out of marriage but with Your strength he can be conquered.

When our flesh baits us to complain about our husbands and expose weakness, Lord build in us resistance, reveal the heart – the healed and whole heart  that You see.  By Your Spirit we won’t hunt for our own advantage by pushing our husbands down.

Thank You for creating wives in such power, show us when that power is needed so that we can come to the rescue and fight Satan.  Train us to use that power for the benefit of our husbands and not seek it for ourselves, I know You will do the exalting if we humble ourselves before you.  Amen





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