My mouth … my marriage ~ June 10, 2013


Thank you Lord that You are faithful and that I can depend on You.  Thank you for calling me into participation with Your Son.

I pray that there will not be just harmony in our marriage, but Your harmony, the one that is perfect harmony.  Make our words in agreement so there will be no division between us.  Build a common understanding between my husband and me in our opinions and judgments.

Father, thank You for my husband.  You hold all things together including our marriage.  Thank You for demonstrating how important our unity and harmony is through Christ’s life and bring to my memory any grievances between us.  Keep us in unity as one so that we will not be divided and our house will not fall; but by Your strength and power we will continue to stand.  Lead us not into temptation and guard both our hearts to be aware of anything that would seek to divide what You have put together.  Amen!

Also Lord, I see that a few of the blogs I follow are posting on sex, I’ll take this as a que from You and pray for extra and abundant blessings on those marriages that are seeking a vigorous and dynamic bedroom life!  First, THANK YOU Lord, what a gift.  I pray that You keep our desire for sex equal and strong between my husband and I.  Build both of us up together to continue to compliment each other!  God, don’t let our bedroom ever become stale or boring but filled with extreme pleasure and always wanting more; make us hungry for each other.  Build us closer and closer bringing more and more vulnerability and the freedom that comes with it.  Continue to use the area of sex to train us both in selfless giving.



1 Corinthians 1:9-10

Matthew 5:22-24

Matthew 12:25

No references for the sex prayer that was just spontaneous.



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