My mouth … my marriage ~ May 7, 2013


Praying wives fearlessly live and move in the power of God‘s Spirit, not their own.  Praying wives seek after God’s strength, just like Jesus did.  Praying wives are more than conquerors, just like Jesus was.

Lord, make me a praying wife that seeks after your own heart.  I pray to live and move in Your power and not my own.  I pray to seek after your strength, just like Jesus did.  I admit that I don’t know the future like You do God, but I know with the help of Your Holy Spirit I will remember Your promise to those who choose to walk with You, that You will be with me.  Thank You Lord that you will not fail or forsake me.  That I can be strong, courageous and firm in my stand and fear nothing because it is You who is with me.

By Your Spirit I will follow the example that Jesus demonstrated for me and not give up and I will trust Your Words to me that you will not, in any way, fail me or give up or leave me without support:  You will not, You will not, You will not.

Thank You Lord for hearing me, and that no matter what the circumstances in my marriage I can have peace because I know You are true to Your Word, that You are my partner in labour.  You work all things together and fit them into Your plan that is good to and for those who love You and are called according to Your design and purpose!  Amen






  1. Since my husband won’t pray with me at bedtime, I’ve started rubbing his back while I say a prayer for us. It usually leads to other things (I think he thinks I’m initiating, hee hee)

    1. haha – two strategies for the price of one! We don’t pray together that often either Sis (hardly ever). As much as the ‘elect’ tell us it is necessary, from what I’m hearing from women is that most husbands don’t want to pray together or lead in this. I’ve found that pushing my idea of prayer on my man is just not the way of Jesus. Hubby is his own free agent with God; I’m not his Holy Spirit. Much more peace in our house when the nagging wife is ‘put-to-rest’.

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