Pearls and dust mites

pearls 4

I had to laugh at this; now track with me here:  I was reading a post at the blog do not disturb  it is about sex being a priority in our marriages.  It was, as usual, full of insight.  The response to this post that made me laugh (and go down the June Cleaver track) was a comment from Beth at messy marriage , she replied:  “Amen! Kick that “to-do” list to the side and “do” your spouse!”

And this is where my mind went:

June Cleaver had it all wrong.  Why don the pearls for the vacuum cleaner and the dust mites?  Sometimes people get it all wrong — and we follow‘em.  Misguided by myth, poor women who bought this idea.  I say, stay in sweats and T’s while completing this segment of the job description, the domestics.  Leave the pearls hidden away until they can be of real benefit, then crack’em out – to glorify the gift that is all of you!  Dress down to dress up!

 Drape yourself in pearls,

Then grab onto his nozzle – a piece of equipment that can do you some good!

pearls 6

 … then get to the “to-do” list!

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    1. To paraphrase a popular milk ad campaign: “Nozzle grabbing: It does a body good.” Actually both bodies will be done good. Can you say Win/Win? I knew you could. I don’t think S.C. would mind my applying his teaching to this topic.

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