The Zamboni


Frank Joseph Zamboni, Jr.  Now there’s a name that every hockey mom and rink rat knows.  I first learned of it when I was 9 years old while attending my brother’s hockey games and practices.

During the course of a hockey game (for those who don’t know) there are 3 twenty minute periods.  Between each period there is a break and this is when the ice gets cleaned for the next period.  We have Mr. Zamboni to thank for his invention that resurfaces the ice and brings it back to fresh and smooth again.

As I was reading a little about Frank’s life, a thought on marriage struck me.  (If you’re not familiar with my blog you’ll soon see that I have this strange way that I extrapolate from almost any experience or knowledge and it becomes applicable for my passion of marriage – some say it’s a blessing some say it’s curse)  Anyway, clean surfaces – fresh starts.

Just like in a hockey game, after each period the ice gets resurfaced — it gets cleaned.  All the mess from the previous period just disappears!  Gouges are filled and high spots are removed.

 Gouges are filled and high spots are removed

Messes just disappear

What if we can see love and forgiveness as the Zamboni in marriage for our husbands?  Doesn’t love cover?  Aren’t sins like gouges and high spots in our souls?  Can’t love (God’s love in us) do the work of cleaning and covering – resurfacing the relationship between a brother and sister in the faith — just like a Zamboni does for the ice?




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