I’m interrupting my series on Flesh versus Spirit to share a gift that I received from my husband.  For those of you who don’t know, we are separated right now.  Not ‘separated’ in the regular sense of the word, but because Darrell has started a different job and is living 6 hours away from the family.  It was my turn to go to him for a visit.  When I arrived there were two glasses and wine and an abundant and beautiful display of cheeses and fruit (which are my favourite snacks).  This display of generosity on the coffee table in the living room was accompanied by a beautiful arrangement of pale yellow roses (also, my favourite).

Darrell, I’m so glad that we’ve stayed together through all the “worse” parts of our marriage.  I am amazed and speechless at just how truly great the “better” part is becoming.


My man Darrell, “Jesus is the Lord of my life, but you –

YOU are definitely the king of my heart.”



  1. Oh my goodness Robyn, this one brought tears to my eyes too! And Darrell’s response above just made them fall. Lots of love to you both! I’m so happy that you have stuck together too. xox

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