Don’t take the bait

Here’s the problem with freeloaders:

-they don’t pay

-they come and go as they please

-they are up all hours of the night

-they never pick up after themselves

-they poop everywhere

I’m talking about the family of raccoons that had claimed squatter’s rights to the attic in our fixer-upper we had just purchased. Rather than poison them, which admittedly, I was slightly leaning towards when I saw the mess the attic was in; we decided to trap them.

Trapping is about tricking and enticing, watching and patiently waiting, and finally containing.  Everything about the trap must be just right:  the type, size and of course, the bait.  It took many times and lots of patience, but we finally caught them and released them back to the wild. Everybody wins!

But how about when it’s us that is hunted, baited and finally trapped?

Every relationship offers an abundance of opportunities for traps, and the more intimate the relationship the greater the potential.  Traps are placed and baited for others in the shadows of our character; the dark areas.  In the shadows Satan is easily hidden.  He conceals himself in the desire of self.

“Love is a trap.  When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows.” Paulo Coelho

Traps will be baited especially for me

 It is impossible but that offences will come.  (Luke 17)

Skandalon is Greek for offence.  What is a skandalonIt is the movable stick or trigger of a trap; a snare.  Any person or thing by which one is (entrapped) drawn into error or sin.

 It is impossible but thatskandalon’ will come.

Offences will come — we will be baited, there‘s no way around it.  Jesus forewarned us for our protection and benefit.  Then in James 1:14 we are told exactly how it happens.  Through being tempted, enticed and baited by … our own selves.

 Advance warning provides an advantage

The bait that Satan uses is my husband’s sin. When I choose to be offended, that is the stick that drops the trap door.  Just like the trapper knows what bait is most effective for its prey;  Satan knows with each of us.  Offences will come in all different types, sizes and shapes, but they all have the same purpose:  to ensnare with our own skandalon.

When I take up the offence – I have stepped inside the trap and bitten into the bait – I am now feeding my flesh.  I’ve tripped the stick and now I’m trapped.

 “The fox condemns the trap, not himself.” ~ William Blake



  1. Great words of wisdom here. I’m reminded of the explaination I once heard of how they catch monkeys. The trap consists of a cage with a hole just small enough for the monkey to fit it’s hand into. When the sweet savor of the bait entices them to put their hand in and grab it their hand is now to big to to pull it out. The simple fix to this situation would be to let go of the bait and go free, however, the bait (and I’m sure fear)has trapped the monkey and so they don’t think clearly and won’t let go of the bait.

    How many marriages have been destroyed because we wouldn’t “let go” of the offence?

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for stopping by! I love your addition of the monkey trap and it got me to thinking. I wonder how long the monkey (as in us) will sit there, “in bondage” to itself. When you see it written this way, choosing flesh rather than freedom, it seems rather, deadly to spiritual growth.

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