Pulling down strongholds

 Artist – Shannon Christensen

We wives have the most intimate view of our husband’s weaknesses; their strongholds.  We are the ones with the power to help or to hobble them.  Husbands know this; and they know we know it.  This knowledge is what gives us power.  But if I hobble instead of help, this will just reinforce the stronghold making the power work against the both of us.

Do the actions in my marriage help my man to pull down his strongholds; or do they just pull him down?

A Wife Who Hobbles

  • Holds grudges from mentally keeping score of wrongs
  • Focuses on all the differences between them
  • See’s herself as the only victim
  • Has no humility, which is demonstrated in lack of love, the need to be right and self vindication

A Wife Who Helps

  • Accepts him as a man and doesn’t try to change him
  • Strives for unity and focuses on things that are common (things they agree on)
  • Seeks peace and is not easily offended
  • Focuses on her own weaknesses and not his

For further reading on hobbling or helping click here.


 You don’t marry one person; you marry three:

the person you think they are; the person they are;

and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you.

~ Richard Needham ~



How would my husband describe me?



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