The bus

I LOVE taking the bus and always jump at the chance to ride a city bus.  Sometimes I ride even when I have no where to go!  There I’ve said it.  And I’ll expose myself further; it’s the people!  I am a people watcher.  Hmmm, ’watcher’ sounds kind of creepy.  Perhaps ’observer’ would be a better word.  Hours of entertainment for a mere $2.50.

People are intriguing.  In fact David describes us as wonderfully made.  In other translations it reads:  to be wonderful, to be extraordinary.  I like how the MSG describes it, “Body and soul, I am marvellously made!”  And I guess it makes sense as we are crafted in God’s image; there is a special ‘something something’ about us.

Also, by observing people, you can see if someone needs help or is lonely.  Life is demanding and sometimes we can get caught up in just going about our lives, that are on such hectic schedules, we miss these opportunities to connect with people.  Anyway, back to the buses; but not just any city bus.  I’m talking about the buses in Victoria, BC, they have a few unique elements about them:

1)     The first time I saw a city bus in Victoria, BC, there was a contraption on the front of it and these contraptions were on the front of every bus.  What was it?  Bike racks!

The residents of BC are said to be the healthiest in Canada, not only because their consumption of fruits and veggies is higher than any other province, but also they are the most physically active.  For further reading see here.  These bike racks make it possible to incorporate cycling into their everyday lifestyle.

2)     The next thing that caught my attention was when a person in a wheelchair entered the bus, unassisted.

How awesome is that!  Anyone who uses any kind of assisted transportation is able to access all city buses, due to the installation of hydraulic systems.  The bus driver lowers the step to the level of the sidewalk enabling the person to be able to drive straight on the bus.  The first few seats have been removed from the front of the buses on both sides to make room for parking.

3)     After riding a few times, I noticed a curious pattern as people were exiting the bus, whether they were leaving through the front or the back doors:


“Thanks a lot.”

“Thanks hey.”

I heard it over and over again.  It didn’t matter who it was or how old they were.  From the youngest to the eldest … even the rapper looking dudes with the drawers hanging down and sideways caps:


I decided to ask the driver about it.  Her mouth turned into a large wide grin, “I KNOW eh!  It’s a BC phenomenon.  I’ve driven in three major cities and I’ve never experienced it anywhere … only here.”

It was a happy note to end the day on!





  1. I’m taking the bus to Toronto on Friday…only I like to plug in to my iPhone and listen to some great tunes and not concentrate on anything else!

    Some city buses in Kingston have bus racks too and most of the time the drivers and passengers are pretty friendly, chatty, and take the time to say thank you. Public transport is so important, but when I can walk, I’d rather walk!

  2. YAY a trip to Toronto!! I do miss the city; maybe one day I’ll get back there for a visit, but until then — say a big HELLO for me and I hope your trip is AWESOME!

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