Upon arriving in Victoria, one of the first things I needed to do was go shopping to replace a few things that were confiscated at airport security (ignorance isn’t always bliss).  When I got back, there was no one home; my two gracious hosts were at work.

This is when the rubber met the road.  I was alone.  Who would think that you would need to be ‘trained’ in the art of relaxing.  But there I was beginning my vacation of ‘relaxation’ and feeling completely overwhelmed.  “Is this what relaxing feels like?”  It might sound silly but if you’ve never been alone, really alone with no one depending on you; no rambunctious dogs racing to the door to greet you, no husband or kids needing your attention as you walked through the door, no racing to start the supper meal, and no agenda to follow.  Just silence.  It can be a very ominous feeling.  I stood in the doorway with my shopping bags and just looked around the lonely condo.  My thoughts raced.  “Two weeks of this … how will I ever make it?”  I sensed the need to cry … so I did.

And that’s when the text came through, from my soon to be daughter-in-law!

We’ll be home around 9:00.  Please make yourself at home and help yourself to ANYTHING you need.”

How wonderful was her thoughtfulness!  It was just what was needed and her timing was nothing short of miraculous!

Let me tell you about my third “daughter.”  I couldn’t have asked for a better person for our son, if I had hand-picked her myself.  The saying of God breaking the mold after they make a person is certainly true of her!  Her kindness and generosity never cease to amaze me.  After all, she wasn’t given much warning of my approaching visit — 3 days!  And not once, or ever for that matter, have I sensed the typical ‘mother-in-law’ negative feeling or stress that often can accompany this family dynamic.  It is always such an encouragement to see her; I love being around her.  She’s a person that is just genuine and as real as it gets.  And it seems to come natural to her.

The first night as I was getting ready for bed, she poked her head in the bedroom; she had the TV remote in her hand, “I’m going to put the TV on Galaxy Nature for you alright?”  It wasn’t so much that she offered or posed it as a question.  Rather, it was an assumption that she knew this about me; it gave me a feeling of being known.  This warmed my heart into the beginning the relaxation that I was there for!  All my ‘lonely’ melted away and I was free to be … on vacation.



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