A lesson from WESTJET

I think I‘m learning to like flying. To begin my vacation I had to fly from Saskatoon to Victoria.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.  I have flown only once before this, and although it was seamless, the thoughts of being suspended and powerless in the air still filled me with a certain amount of trepidation.  Control issues? … I cringe.

Flight number 449 was about to teach me a valuable lesson.

I purchased the ticket so that the pilot and flight attendants could do their jobs.  I am not a flight attendant or a pilot, my responsibility resided in seat C6 – p e r i o d.  And to back up even further, from the time I stepped into the airport, I had zero authority.

Authority lies with whoever has the responsibility.  I get into trouble when I think I have authority or when I don’t realize exactly what my responsibility is.  I am not responsible to sell me a boarding pass; to get my luggage on the plane or to move myself through the security checks.  I have yielded all that power to the airport security and WESTJET.

For instance.  I had just bought a new hand cream but I forgot to move it from my purse to my suitcase for baggage check, and everyone knows what that means … security takes it.  I have no responsibility for the safety of the other passengers on my flight.  However, the people who are in authority are responsible for those other passengers; they call the shots.  It doesn’t matter that the hand cream is harmless (in my opinion).  It doesn’t matter what I think of the rules.

To arrive at my destination with ease, all I needed to do, was to allow myself to be funnelled through the process by those who were in charge to do so … and trust them.

Which brings me back to my original question:  Control Issues?  The ‘take-away’ for me was that, in all relationships whether they are short-lived or long-term, we move in and out of authority … in and out of control.  Sometimes I will have all the responsibility and authority, and sometimes, I won’t have any say at all.  Learning when and how will save me, and those around me, a lot of grief.

Thank you WESTJET.  Not only for getting me to my vacation and home as well!  But also a bigger thank you for this living lesson of truth.

~ Something to think about ~

 Who or what tool is God using to sharpen down my rough edges of control?



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