I recently watched the movie Courageous, it was great.  As I was watching, it struck me that courage is not just for husbands, but also for us wives.  It takes courage to be married.

We are blessed to live in a time of such equality for women.  Shouldn’t we wives elevate ourselves to the call to be courageous as well? Equal freedoms call for equal responsibility.   Just because the law of the land has given us the freedom to walk away from our commitment to our marriage when (not if) it gets tough or scary; does that make it right to do so?

Let’s face it square on, so to speak.  Your husband is a fallen son, he is wounded and broken and his bent is toward evil1 … but, so is yours. It’s going to take courage on both parts to make it work.

Satan has definitely increased his bleed on the institution of marriage and year after year he continues to stick more tubes into this foundation of the family.  If we want to stop this hemorrhage, we will have to give more than 100% of what we are, and this will take courage.

The lyrics in the song Courageous by Casting Crowns are profound and seek to inspire men to truly change, but they can be swapped out and applied to us wives:

This is our resolution, our answer to the call

We will love our husbands and children

We refuse to let them fall


I believe God made me to be a courageous wife.

Did He make you to be courageous?

footnote 1 – Gen 8:21



  1. I haven’t seen that movie yet, I’ve heard it is hard on husbands, so I don’t want to bring it home to mine. I don’t think he’ll like it.

  2. Hi SCW. Yes, I can see how it could be hard on husbands. Exposure to, or learning truth, always brings with it a feeling of conviction.

    You could just be straight up with him. Tell him that you realize that it’s a movie that is directed at husbands, but you want to view it from the perspective of a courageous wife 🙂 . Or you could just rent it yourself and watch it while he’s at work, share your perspective on the movie (or not) and tell him you’d be happy to watch it again, if he wants to see it. And then leave the ball there; in his court.

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