When our family lived in Ontario, we attended Connexus Community Church.  The pastor (Carey Nieuwhof) did a very unique thing.

At the end of one of the services, as we were leaving there were people with buckets handing out key chains which had 7/490 printed on them.  It was mysterious and we were told that we would find out what it meant next Sunday, the number was a ‘clue’ to the subject of the sermon.  It was a puzzler that we often revisited over the course of the week that followed, which I’m sure was the point.  Can you guess what the topic turned out to be?

That’s right … forgiveness.   In my mind‘s eye and with a face palm, of course it means forgiveness!

Fast forward three years and almost 3,000 kms away from that Sunday, I am still reminded of the profoundness of these four single digits separated by a forward slash.

What IS this type of forgiveness?  It seems to be:  Never ending and resonating an eternal God that is unlimited in grace.

I know Jesus was speaking in hyperbole … but isn’t THAT the point.  I love they way He taught (teaches).  He could have said, “It’s unlimited Peter, for as many times as your brother needs it.  Just as it is with you and God … as many times as you need it.”

Hmmmm, this echos what Jesus taught with the example of the adulteress.  Whoever is without sin can throw the first stone.

Application:  If I no longer need 7/490 forgiveness from God through Jesus, then I can be the first one to stop offering it.



70  X  7


How will you fit 7/490 forgiveness into the framework of your marriage?




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