from our lips to God’s ear

During the process of making this video, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing wouldn’t you know it, God provided me with an ‘opportunity’ to practice it all.

I find in most marriages there are hot spots.  You know, those same old ugly conflicts that the two of you have been dancing around for years.  Well, in His perfect timing, God allowed this monster to rear its familiar head, again.

As I was thinking, writing, copying and pasting, editing and re-editing, and more thinking, I had the chance to see these words and phrases repeatedly up close and personal.  You know what I learned?  Occasionally, the answer to a problem isn’t some super spiritual insight.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of reading and re-reading what you know to be a fact.

I had made a promise.

So for me, this post is filled with a spectrum of my emotions: love, anger, hope, sadness, (even the ever popular self-pity) and finally, sweet resolution followed by joy!



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