him who your soul loves

This morning I was reading a devotion and I came across an interesting quote by Charles Spurgeon:  “It is a true proverb, ‘Look for a thing where you dropped it, it is there.’ “  It got me to thinking, whenever I lose my keys (or cell phone or wallet or … ) I automatically retrace my steps to find the last place that I had them … the point at which I lost them/it.  Don‘t we all do this?  Even with our kids, ‘Mom where’s my jacket?’  We usually respond, “Backtrack, where did you last see it?”

We always have to search into the past when we lose something.  I think it is similar in marriage.

Have you ever lost, him who your soul loves?  I have.  Marriage is full of seasons and cycles.  I learned that when (not if) we ran into times of emotional hurts or coldness of heart, it was not good to increase distance between the two of us.  But rather, a time to try and get back to what brought us together in the first place.

In Song of Solomon chapter 3, the girl says something interesting … and, she says it THREE times — him who my soul loves.

I love that.  No blame game, just a desperate desire to find what was missing … him who her soul loves.

I can see two important elements in this section:

1)  She knew who she had to find – Daily life incidents, confusion and misunderstandings try to twist the view of our husbands; and change them into someone we don‘t know.  When we marry them, we can’t see the wounds they carry in their hearts.  Damage that is certain to cause stress that will affect us, pressures that will frustrate us, and pain that will hurt us.  But through all this, they are still the same guys we married … still the same guy who our soul loved.  And when we forget that, when we lose it, it is imperative that we dig deep and far to find exactly what we have lost.

2)  She did not give up.  She didn’t say, I cannot (or will not) look for him because of what he did.  She just knew something was absent, and she had to get it back.  She went on a hunt for him … for his heart.  She sought everyone for him and was even willing to move outside of her comfort zone, she was a country girl and went to the city which was very confusing to her.  She did whatever she had to do, to find that place where he was lost.

In the storms of life have you ever lost, him who your soul loves?  Did you retrace your steps to the last place that you saw him or did you believe that he was gone and that he now was, him who your soul did not love.

If you had a hold of, him who your soul loves, in the beginning of your marriage,

it is simply a matter of retracing the steps, that your heart took, to find out where you lost him

… he will be there.



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