The best way to start 2012

During our early morning walk on New Year‘s Day, Darrell opened up the conversation, “So, what are your resolutions this year?”

Examining the stretch of horizon trying to appear thoughtful and coming up blank, I fessed up, “Gee, I hadn’t really thought about it yet.  I think I just want to buckle down and continue to loose these few pounds I’ve managed to expand into since we’ve moved here to Saskatchewan.

“And you?”  I ask.

My husband, who happens to be a relatively new believer (4 years) breaks into a ½ hour commentary of all the areas that he’s thankful that God has shown him that he needs to grow in, and that he’s looking forward to all the challenges in the upcoming year and to be even more open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, so that he can be a better husband, father, and grow more through a servant’s heart.

“Wow that’s awesome Darrell! …

… And Robyn’s contribution to our first spiritual interchange of 2012 ….  eat less snacks.”

We both laughed … it was a great way to start 2012



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