Barely House-trained

My husband makes me laugh!  This morning, while I was still trying to wake up as I padded around the house with my first cup of coffee in hand, Darrell is already sitting in his chair and as I walk into the living room (trying not to be annoyed at the prospect of not getting my alone time with God first thing in the morning, because my darling husband is already awake and in my space) he looks up from his Motorcyclist Magazine with a mischievous grin and reads out loud: 

“This machine is the polar opposite of the Aprillia V4R Tuono, which tempers its outstanding power with an electronic safety net.  Picture Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, and you get the idea.  The Benelli TNT R160, by contrast, is all Daniel Craig in that it cleans up well but is barely house-trained.

What do motorcycles have to do with husbands?  Possibly nothing, perhaps lots, but it‘s the James Bond reference and the barely house-trained comment that I‘m after.

 I thought for moment, still trying to wake up, and decided to go for it, “You know you are a Daniel Craig Bond right?”  He smirked, “Yeah, I know.”

Ladies, have you accepted the version of the Bond that you married?  Do you know which one he is?  Clothing, I’ve learned, can be a pretty good marker.  I don’t mean the saying, “the clothes make the man.”  What I’m referring to is the condition of his clothes, they can give you a peek into his hard wiring.

Let’s say the car needs an oil change and your hubby knows he could spill and make a mess, so rather than ruin the clothes he’s presently wearing, he changes into some work clothes.  This is clearly the trait of a Brosnan Bond.  The Craig Bond doesn’t waste time changing and certainly knows he’s capable of doing a little oil change without spilling it anyway.

Or, let’s say your hubby is on his way to work and sees a driver stranded with a flat tire, she needs help.  Luckily he left in plenty of time and won’t be late!  He pulls over and pops his trunk and pulls on his cover-alls and proceeds to change the tire.  Again, clearly the Brosnan Bond.  The Craig Bond doesn’t waste time changing, and more than likely doesn’t have any cover-alls in the trunk anyway, I mean really … how messy can a tire change be?

Still not clear?  Let’s look at one more.  In your clothes closet, on his side, if he has 3 or more dress shirts that are pristine (no small tears and no oil stains AND they are ironed) then you’ve married a Brosnan Bond.  However, if he has 3 or less dress shirts that he could slip into right now, then you are married to a Craig Bond.

My point.  In the end, either Bond will get the job done, adjust to the one you have on the journey that you are taking together, even if he is … barely house-trained.

Adjusting to each other is hard work, if it was easy, Jesus wouldn’t have framed it as a command.  Honestly, adjusting is a hard thing and generally, not a whole lot of fun either.  But then something extraordinary happens.  The more you adjust, the more you see God coming through it!

How are you being adjusted by your husband’s traits that are barely house-trained?

Live in harmony with your husband and don’t be haughty and snobbish,

 thinking your way is better; but be ready to adjust yourself to people, circumstances

 … and in your marriage.

(adapted from Romans 12:16 AMP)



  1. Good one Robyn! I was grinning from ear to ear reading this. Even though I don’t have a husband I’ve certainly dated more Craig Bonds than Brosnan Bonds…now I yearn for a Brosnan Bond! LOL

  2. I like this. I wouldn’t say Bond. I’m use to the term GQ! LOL It’s a blessing to have a husband who can get dirty when he needs to get things done and clean when he has to go somewhere nice. Church is my favorite. Thanks for posting this and responding on my blog as well.

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