the wife who gives … instead of taking

I don’t normally post in the middle of the week, but I just read a blog and was totally inspired and wanted to share.

What kind of wife would you say you are?  Are you a ‘needy’ — ‘look at me’ type … ever drawing the spotlight and attention on yourself; or do you deflect the light onto your husband?  Do you say (with your actions and words) look at my husband, he’s so talented and Godly … look at him … listen to him.  Would you be willing to stand behind him … in his shadow?  And remain, faceless and nameless … for his sake?

I was inspired by such a woman, and you won’t believe who she is!  I encourage you to read a little about her.  I found out about her when Lori posted “A Legacy of Words & Ideas” at her blog —

After you read, I’ll bet you’ll say the same thing I said, “gee, I never knew that” and … “it seems the bar has been slightly raised.”

This is the epitome of what it means … to serve.



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