POSSESSION (Part 2) Civil War Instead of Unity

You can find the introduction to the Possession Series here. Isn’t it amazing how something can start out right and end up so wrong?  When the whole nation of Israel walked away from their captors into freedom, it seemed like the hard work was behind them.  But according to God’s plan, the work was just beginning. … More POSSESSION (Part 2) Civil War Instead of Unity


There is no equality in marriage because the roles are so unalike. You cannot compare things that contrast to each other. The directives God gives to each of them vary so much that you can’t even set them side-by-side to get a modicum of measurement to gauge equality! Not to mention the biology which, even… More EQUALITY IS IRRELEVANT

Moving Forward

It’s been just over a year since I’ve posted. Those of you who hung in with me, a big thank you! While healing my shoulders and upper back, I ended up damaging my lower back as well, thus putting me in the unenviable position of being completely dependent on my family.  They were terrific but they tell… More Moving Forward